Prince Releases New Single ‘HARDROCKLOVER’

Prince Drops Incendiary New Single HARDROCKLOVERSince Prince has never really been away, it seems kinda silly to say that he’s back. But with the release of ‘HARDROCKLOVER’ he is definitely BACK to what he does better than any other artist out there. And that’s writing songs that mix two of life’s great pleasures – sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Like much of his great work, HARDROCKLOVER is none too subtle in terms of sexual imagery and flits between quiet piano-driven verses to choruses full of wild, screaming guitars, all driven along by a thunderous bassline. Prince’s searing vocals are as every bit impressive today as they were 31 years ago when he released Purple Rain. 31 years… YIKES!

Although scheduled for release on August 28, HARDROCKLOVER is available now to download from iTunes. What can I say other than it’s well worth seventy nine of your hard-earned pences!

No news at the moment regarding a new album or UK tour, but I’m reliably informed that the rest of 2015 will be full of surprises and the unexpected. Hooray!!!