Kieran Fisher Live at Hard Rock Glasgow

KF1The Hard Rock Cafe is a really cool place for any music fan to visit. For emerging artists such as Kieran Fisher, it must also be a pretty inspiring place in which to stage a gig – surrounded as you are by the guitars, stage clothes and other artefacts from truly legendary artists.

I’ve always admired solo artists like Kieran, who take to the stage with only their acoustic guitar as accompaniment. No band to help with the performance and no hiding place if things aren’t going well. If Kieran’s performance on Thursday night is any guide though, we should expect to hear more of him in the coming months and years, because he is really, really good.

“Music has always been a massive part of Kieran’s life and inspired by his dad’s record collection namely The Small Faces and The Faces, Kieran picked-up a guitar for the first time at the age of 14 and pretty much started writing his own material from the off.

Losing his mum at 11, Kieran experienced a lot of pain in life early and is fortunate to have a loving family of four brothers and KF2one sister who along with his dad have always had his back and encouraged him to follow his dream in music. At school Kieran formed his own band and took them all the way to the main stage of the Eden Festival before deciding to pursue a solo route.” – Facebook

Kieran’s set was filled with really well written original compositions, in particular his latest EP ‘Festival Song’, which you can download HERE. He’s clearly already a very accomplished live performer, and had the swagger and confidence of someone who knows he can command a stage on his own. In Scotland we’d call it gallus. And for everyone outside Scotland, gallus is good!

So, keep an eye out for this fella and do check out his EP. Great voice, great songs and a nice guy to boot.

Kieran will be supporting Cast at their show in Alloa Town Hall on 22 October.

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