T’Pau Bridge Of Spies – Remastered, Expanded, Reissued


Available 6 November

Of all the special editions and box sets which have been announced in recent months, T’Pau‘s remastered and expanded reissue of ‘Bridge Of Spies’ has shot right to the top of decibelROGUE’s most wanted list.

And it’s worth remembering just what an impact this multi-platinum selling album made when it was originally released back in ’87. Not only did ‘Bridge Of Spies’ spawn numerous hit singles and spend six months on the US Billboard chart, but at one point while it topped the album charts, ‘China In In Your hand’ was at No.1 in the singles charts and a remix of the same song was at No.1 in the Dance Charts. Not even releases from the likes of Paul McCartney and George Harrison could shift T’Pau from top spot in either the singles or album charts. As debut albums go, it was stratospherically successful. I loved it then, and still love it to this day.

Oh, and I really quite liked Carol Decker… 😉

So, fast forward 28 years and this iconic album has been remastered, expanded and reissued as a 3 disc (2 cd’s 1 dvd) set contained within a hardcover book. Not only does the set feature a remastered version of the original album, but over the 2 cd’s we also get singles, B-sides, hard-to-find remixes, live tracks and demo sessions, including the previously unreleased fan favourite ‘Maggie’.

The DVD features T’Pau’s concert at the Hammersmith Odeon from March 1988 and all six promotional videos which have been superbly digitised. Plus, within the pages of the booklet, Carol and the band tell the story of ‘Bridge Of Spies’ in their own words. T’Pauwerful stuff!!!

There are numerous places to pre-order ‘Bridge Of Spies’, which at £26.99 looks to be a bit of a bargain. Click HERE for links to pre-order your copy.

Track Listing

1. Heart And Soul
2. I Will Be With You
3. China In Your Hand
4. Friends Like These
5. Sex Talk
6. Bridge Of Spies
7. Monkey House
8. Valentine
9. Thank You For Goodbye
10. You Give Up
11. China In Your Hand – Reprise
12. Heart and Soul (Single Version)
13. China in your hand (single version)
14. Sex Talk (live)
15. On the Wing
16. No Sense of Pride
17. Giving My Love Away
18. Still So In Love
19. Thank you for Goodbye Rides Again

1. Heart and Soul US Radio Edit
2. Heart and Soul Remix
3. Taking Time Out (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
4. Bridge of Spies (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
5. Monkey House (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
6. You Give Up (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
7. China In Your Hand (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88 )
8. Heart And Soul (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88)
9. Sex Talk (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88
10. Walk Away Rene
11. I’m A Believer
12. Heart and Soul (Dance Mix / 4 Twelve Mix)
13. Heart and Soul (Beats and Rap)
14. Heart and Soul (Dub Mix)
15. Monkey House
16. You Give Up
17. Only One Dream (Friends Like These)
18. Maggie

DVD – T’Pau Live in concert, Hammersmith Odeon, March 1988
1. Thank you For Goodbye
2. Monkey House
3. Bridge of Spies
4. Arms of Love
5.Heart and Soul
6. Sex Talk
7. I Will Be With You
8. You Never Notice Me
9. Valentine
10. China In Your Hand
11. Time Will Tell Promo Videos
12. Heart and Soul
13. China In Your Hand
14. Valentine
15. Sex Talk (live)
16. I Will be With You
17. Bridge of Spies