George Porter releases new single Futureproof

George Porter

George Porter has just released his new single Futureproof. The West Lothian-based singer, best known as frontman of the acclaimed Simple Minds tribute band Simple Minded, has followed his 2017 release of Life’s Too Short with another belter of a song.

Co-written and produced by Gordy Goudy of Simple Minds, Futureproof is a brilliant piece of grown-up, sophisticated pop-rock.

Given Porter’s obvious love of 80’s music, it’ll come as no surprise that Futureproof and it’s accompanying video have more than a hint of that era about them. But it’s all done so deftly that it never feels anything other than contemporary, and certainly doesn’t trap itself in some kind of cheesy 80’s Timewarp.

Very catchy, with a great hook, Futurteproof will have you dreaming in soundbites again and again…

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