Dead Daisies – Locked and Loaded

Available August 23

Anyone who has followed decibelROGUE for any length of time will know we kinda like The Dead Daisies. Hell, we like them quite a lot. An awful lot, in fact! They are without a doubt one of the best hard rock bands to experience live. And they’ve never failed to blow the venue roof to smithereens any time we’ve seen them play.

As good as their original material is though, it’s their treatment of other artists songs which often jumps out at you.

The Dead Daisies have always been a music collective with a fluid lineup, rather than a band with a lineup pretty much cast in stone. These are kick-ass rockers from many top-level rock bands who have been drawn together through a shared love of classic heavy rock, and who enjoy paying tribute to the rockers who inspired them in every album they release.

Locked and Loaded is a collection of all the cover songs which have featured on the band’s albums to date. These covers are done Daisies Style, with big guitars, big vocals and with just the right amount of dirt under their collective fingernails – just the way it should be.

This is a ‘tip of the hat’ to our heroes, bands that influenced us when we use to buy their records as teenagers. Now we’ve put them all on one album and it seriously rocks!! You may think of us as ‘Rock Stars’ but at the end of the day we’re just huge music fans! – John Corabi

Playing these songs live is a total adrenaline rush for all of us. Our audiences go nuts with our Daisified versions of these songs that come from an incredible time in music. It’s our way of paying homage to the greats of rockDoug Aldrich

All tracks are remastered for this album, while versions of ‘Rockin’ In The Free World (Live)’ and ‘Highway Star (Live)’ are being released for the first time.

A lot of great musicians have been part of The Dead Daisies over the years, so the rock ‘n’ roll-call for Locked and Loaded is pretty damned impressive: Doug Aldrich, Jackie Barnes, Deen Castronovo, John Corabi, Richard Fortus, David Lowy, Marco Mendoza, Dizzy Reed, Jon Stevens and Brian (Animal from The Muppets ain’t got nothin’ on this guy) Tichy

Track Listing
1 Midnight Moses
2 Evil
3 Fortunate Son
4 Join Together
5 Helter Skelter
6 Bitch
7 American Band (Live)
8 Revolution
9 Rockin’ In The Free World (Live)
10 Highway Star (Live)

It goes without saying that this album should be enjoyed VERY LOUD!!! Roll on August 23!!!


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