Ed is Dead New Album ‘Change’

Ed_is_Dead_lores“Imagine Queens of the Stone Age, Maceo Plex, The XX and Queen, getting drunk and making music” has got to be one of the most interesting ways I’ve heard any artist describe one of their songs. But it really encapsulates the eclectic nature of Edu Ostos – aka. Ed is Dead’s debut album ‘Change’.

Edu has been making music for over 15 years, playing in various different bands before carving a name for himself in the electronic music scene as DJ and producer. Performing under various different guises he has toured with the likes of Santana, Manu Chao, Asian Dub Foundation and even Slipknot. He’s released music on Universal and Warner Music and has hit number 1 on the Spanish iTunes chart seven times. He’s also been nominated for eight Spanish Electronic Music Awards, and has DJ’d all over the world and has his own weekly show on Ibiza Global Radio.

As a producer, he has worked for some of the most successful Latin artists in the world, including Marta Sanchez, David Bisbal, Fuel Fandango, DJ Nano, Huecco, Odille Lima, L.O.V.G. and Paulina Rubio. But now it’s time for Ed to take his own turn in the spotlight. “It was a natural progression,” says Edu. “I´ve been a ghost producer and musical director for a long time and worked with so many artists. Everything I’ve done until now has been a learning process, but now I feel I’ve learned enough and I feel it’s time to express myself and I’m very happy about that.”

‘Change’ is a collection of songs with a lot of underground influences from techno, house and drum ‘n’ bass at it’s core. However Edu has skilfully woven rock and pop vibes into the mix along with great vocals from an array of up and coming guest vocalists. So, as it doesn’t really conform to any one particular genre of music, ‘Change’ probably has something for everyone.

Now, let Edu explain the best bit: “It’s real live music. Sometimes in electronic music there’s a tendency to just add little effects over the main programmed track, I don’t like that, that’s not live music. I don’t want to just press play and turn some knobs. I’ll come on stage with my vocalists and a full band and we’ll recreate the whole album, and I can’t wait for people to see it.” Maravilloso!!!

‘Change’ is available to buy on iTunes right now and you can check out the rather cool video to ‘Praise’ (feat. Odille) below…