Mustasch ‘Testosterone’ Album Review


Released 18 September

Since accidentally coming across Mustasch‘s music during a soundcheck at a gig a few years ago, it’s been a constant fixture on my iPod. As you can imagine then, the release of their new album ‘Testosterone’ was eagerly anticipated by decibelROGUE.

Vocalist Ralf Gyllenhammer describes ‘Testosterone’ as a collection of songs which explore themes such as manhood, dignity and tenderness. And it’s certainly clear from opening track ‘Yara’s Song’ that there’s going to be more to the album than screaming guitars and pounding double bass drums. Perhaps it’s because being a man is a bit more complex than we sometimes admit to or give credit for, that this has resulted in an album which has different vibes running through it.

From all out, in-yer-face hard rockers like ‘Be Like A Man’ to the pop-rock delicacy of ‘Dreamers’, Mustasch do their best to convince us that they’d punch you in the face if you deserved it, but are also able to sit down and talk to you about how they really feel. Or something along those lines!

I have to say though that while I love listening to Mustasch in full hard-rock flow, the most impressive thing about the album for me is Ralf Gyllenhammer’s vocals. He really manages to grab your attention on every track with his powerful, dynamic and distinctive vocal delivery.

All in all then, ‘Testosterone’ is an superb and varied album and is without a doubt their most accomplished release to date. I only wish that the band would add UK dates to their forthcoming tour to hear some of it live. Fingers crossed then!

If you haven’t done so already, check out the video to ‘Be Like A Man’ below. Then head to iTunes and buy the album!


Track list

1   Yara’s Song
2   Breaking Up With Disaster
3   The Rider
4   Down To Earth
5   The Hunter
6   Dreamers
7   Be Like A Man
8   Someone
9   Under The Radar
10 Testosterone

Forthcoming Shows

16 Oct Turock, Essen (DE)
17 Oct Hellraiser, Leipzig (DE)
18 Oct Magnet Club, Berlin (DE)
19 Oct Knust, Hamburg (DE)
20 Oct Underground, Köln (DE)
21 Oct Backstage Halle, München (DE)
30 Oct Rocktoberfest, Annexet, Stockholm (SE)
04 Nov Pakkahuone, Tampere (FI)
05 Nov Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki (FI)
06 Nov The Circus Unioni Festivali, Helsinki (FI)
07 Nov Logomo, Turku (FI)