The Quireboys New Album and EP Announcement



Good news for all fans of The Quireboys.

After locking themselves away in a Swedish recording studio, Spike and the guys have finished recording their 10th studio album Twisted Love, which they have announced will be released on 2 September. But if you can’t wait that long, the four track Twisted Love EP featuring the title track from the album will hit the streets on 19 August.

The album marks a marks a welcome return to a time when the Quireboys rocked – and rocked hard. “There are no ballads this time” notes Spike.  “I approached the songwriting from a different angle and it felt good. There’s a lot of passion there.” 

Title track Twisted Love sees Griffin, Guerin and Spike join forces to deliver one of the darkest Quireboys anthems to date and features the sultry backing vocals of blues-rock chanteuse Lynne Jackamann. The album also features a reworking of crowd favourite Gracie B, which is more akin to the thumping live version beloved of fans far and wide, so expect plenty of driving guitars from Paul Guerin and Guy Griffin.

“We used to worry about what everyone else used to say. Now we don’t waste time on those people who still don’t get what we’re all about. Our time is too precious and its time to be positive.” Guy Griffin

Sounds like the Quireboys album we’ve been waiting for.  Obviously we hope to get our hands on a copy of both the EP and album to bring you a review, so stay tuned!