Sabaton UK & Ireland Tour Preview


UK & Ireland Tour begins 10 January

There’s something about Swedish rock music that team decibelROGUE has come to absolutely love. And it is quite simply the fact that in addition to having plenty of extremely good straight-up, no-nonsense rock bands, there are others who are prepared to head off in creative directions that artists from other nations just don’t.

Take the likes of Amon Amarth, Bonafide and The Gloria Story – three Swedish bands we’ve covered in recent times. While you have the blues rockin’ influences of Bonafide’s music and the 70’s influenced party rockin’ vibe of The Gloria Story’s material, Amon Amarth drive off into Viking mythological territory. And its absolutely brilliantly done. I just can’t think of another nation whose rock bands can take historical references and incorporate them into heavy rock and metal music quite as well as the Swedes.

Which brings me on to Swedish power metallers, Sabaton who begin their latest UK and Ireland tour in Dublin next week. And once again we head off in an unusual, creative musical direction. This time the focus is on epic battles, or more specifically, epically bloody last stands. Bannockburn, Sparta and the Battle of Shiroyama are just a few of the famous last stands that the band cover on their latest album, and they are about to unleash the new material on the biggest tour the band have ever undertaken.

“We have just finished our new album, which is titled THE LAST STAND and we know we have done a great album, which all fans of Sabaton can appreciate for many years. If it is the best album of us, time will tell… But what we can tell for sure is that THE LAST TOUR will be the biggest and best tour of Sabaton ever. It is the tour we have been looking forward to do for all these years!“ Pär Sundström (bass)

This promises to be a series of absolutely HUGE rock gigs, since the band are renowned for their powerful, dramatic live shows. We’ll be down in the pit to bring you a full review and gallery from one of Sabaton’s forthcoming shows, but check out the dates below for yourself. Hope they bring their tank!

Sabaton UK Tour Dates

10.01.2017 UK – Dublin, Vicar Street
11.01.2017 UK – Glasgow, o2 Academy
13.01.2017 UK – Manchester, o2 Apollo
14.01.2017 UK – London, o2 Brixton Academy


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